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  Nick Sahinidis (Carnegie Mellon)
  Jose Pinto (Praxair)



Invited Papers - FOCAPO 2012

Sunday, January 8
7:30-7:45 Welcome Address
CAST Conference Chair: Wayne Bequette (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) (Presentation)
7:45-9:00 Keynote Address Forcasting and Other Games of Chance
Andy Boyd (University of Houston)
Monday, January 9
8:00-12:00 Enterprise-wide optimization
Chair: Costas Pantelides (Imperial College & PSE)

Advances in mathematical programming models for enterprise-wide optimization
Ignacio Grossmann (Carnegie Mellon University) (Presentation)

An overview of maritime inventory routing at ExxonMobil
Kevin Furman (ExxonMobil)

Challenges and opportunities in enterprise-wide optimization in the pharmaceutical industry
Rex Reklaitis (Purdue University) and G. Schaefer (J & J) (Presentation)

2:30-6:30 Optimization of multiscale systems
Chair: Larry Biegler, Carnegie Mellon University

Towards novel hybrid biomass, coal, and natural gas to liquid systems: Process synthesis, global optimization, and supply chain approaches
C. Floudas, J. Elia & R. Baliban (Princeton University)

Algorithms for derivative-free optimization
Margaret Wright (New York University) (Presentation)

Risk adverse stochastic programming
Shabbir Ahmed (Georgia Tech University) (Presentation)

From multi-parametric programming theory to MPC-on-a-chip multi-scale systems applications
Stratos Pistikopoulos (Imperial College) (Presentation)

Tuesday, January 10
8:00-12:00 Sustainable enterprise management
Chair: David Miller (National Energy Technology Laboratory) (Presentation)

Enhanced biomass-to-liquids--Project development and modeling tools
S. Chakravarti, D. Bonaquist, R. Drnevich and M. Shah (Praxair) (Presentation)

Mathematical models to support renewable energy investment decisions
S. Bollapragada (General Electric) (Related paper)

Catalyzing the nuclear and chemical industries through the pursuit of clean, sustainable energy
Katie Jackson (Westinghouse Electric Company) (Presentation)

Smart grid technologies and applications for the industrial sector
Tariq Samad (Honeywell) and S. Kiliccote (LBL) (Presentation)

2:30-6:30 Risk management
Chair: Venkat Venkatasubramanian (Purdue University)

Safety and reliability in operations--More complex than you think
Deb Grubbe (Operations and Safety Solutions, LLC) (Presentation)

Risk and optimization in equity portfolios: Is it a match made in heaven?
Sebastian Ceria (Axioma) (Presentation)

Why do they call that a black swan? An engineer's view of the mortgage meltdown
Alan King (IBM) (Presentation)

Assessment of catastrophe risk in industry
Ulku Oktem (University of Pennsylvania) (Presentation)

Wednesday, January 11
8:00-12:00 Integration of operations and control
Chair: Stratos Pistikopoulos, Imperial College

Integration of control theory and scheduling methods for supply chain management
J. Rawlings & C. Maravelias & K. Subramanian (University of Wisconsin) and J. Flores-Cerrillo & L. Megan (Praxair)

Monitoring, fault diagnosis, fault-tolerant control and optimization: Data driven methods
John MacGregor (McMaster University) and Ali Cinar (IIT Chicago) (Presentation)

Optimal operation: Scheduling, advanced control, and their integration
Sebastian Engell (Dortmund University) and Iiro Harjunkoski (ABB) (Presentation)

Systems thinking in the management of process operations
George Stephanopoulos (MIT)


Education panel discussion session (Presentation)
Chair: Wayne Bequette (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

L. Biegler (CMU), T. Edgar (UT-Austin), B.Ogunnaike (U Delaware), R. Reklaitis (Purdue), W. Bequette (RPI), T. Marlin (McMaster), V. Grassi (Air Products) & G. Stephanopoulos (MIT)

2:30-5:00 New domains for operations and control research
Chair: Jay Lee (KAIST)

Process energy systems: Control, economic and sustainability objectives
John Siirola (Eastman) and Tom Edgar (UT-Austin) (Presentation)

Smart manufacturing, manufacturing, intelligence and demand-dynamic performance
J. Davis (UCLA), T. Edgar (UT-Austin), J. Porter (DuPont), J. Bernaden (Rockwell Automation) & M. Sarli (ExxonMobil) (Presentation)

9:00-10:00 Keynote address: Bridging control and operations
Speaker: Manfred Morari (ETH) (Presentation)